Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some fun stuff

This past Christmas was the first time that we did not put up a large live tree.  With two young cats in the house, I didn't dare chance it that they would knock the tree over and break the pretty ornaments we've collected over the years.  So a little artificial one in an urn, pre-lit, was the answer.  Especially when it was on sale for half price at Michaels... 

I so fell in love with this little tree that I didn't want to pack it away after the holidays.  Valentine's Day was coming, so I went to work and created decorations for the tree.  Here is a picure to give you an idea.  All were easily made from items already in the house.  The cones were a part of the tree, so those stay year round...

After Valentine's Day there was this gap until Easter, so I tried making rosettes.  I consider rosettes paper wheels that serve absolutely no purpose other than they're cute and fun to make.  Heck, they are fun to make, because I made a lot of them.  First for the tree, and then a box full for my husband's office.  It brought color during the dreariest part of the year.

So this is what the tree looks like right now.  I had better work on finishing my Easter decorations and change the tree once again!
Here are a few closeups of the rosettes.  I guess only the imagination limits what they can look like, huh?

The centers are made with punches which I folded in half and then glued the sides together until I had the shape I wanted. 

Wo says that papercrafting always has to have a real purpose?  Just have fun with it!

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  1. And here I thought all this time that the purpose of crafts was fun -- didn't realize there was supposed to be another purpose (grin). Really like your year round tree. Have you decorated it for Easter with eggs and such? Then of course, 4th of July is coming up, so red, white and blue them. Oh, then there has to be a spring/summer tree before that with pretty flowers (YOUR pretty flowers)! Then fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving, and then you are back to Christmas. That little tree could keep you busy all year long (grin)!!