Friday, March 22, 2013

A different kind of shadow box

April is just around the corner, and every year, right around April 15, our weeping cherry tree explodes into a pink cloud made up of thousands of small pink flower clusters.  That's what gave me the idea to create this shadow box. 

But for me, another harbinger of spring are dandelions, much hated by fanciers of toxic groomed lawns, yet so very, very pretty if you take a closer look.  And since I rehabilitate wildlife I let the dandelions in our yard grow freely.  They are an excellent food source for cottontail bunnies and squirrels alike.  I pull out the entire root for the squirrels, they love to chew the root and munch on the sweet nectar of the blossoms. 

That is why I decided to add a grouping of dandelions to this piece.  They not only add color, they make the design pop.  And those small purple flowers with yellow stamen?  Yes, all hand made as well, during the long winter months. 

The tree's trunk is dimensional as well, and the branches reach out toward the glass in multiple layers.  There are 150 cherry blossoms on the branches, I counted them.  This box took close to 40 hours to make, but I believe the result was worth the effort. 

I welcome any and all feedback! 


  1. Wow Sigi you made so many tiny flowers that are just gorgeous! Great work!
    Hugs, Cathy

  2. Thanks so much, Cathy! I knew I'd have to make a LOT of them to get this effect, but believe it or not, I loved making this box, including 150 tiny flowers...

  3. This shadow box is exquisite Sigi! How did you make the dandelions? Did you use a die? I am looking for a die that will cut them out. Please post your answer here...I will check back.

    Joanne (from Canada)

  4. I use punches, Joanne, either McGill or PunchBunch. This is the sun burst pattern. You need the shaping tools as well. The flowers are multiple layers of ever tighter circles, practice makes perfect. Thank you for the praise, made me smile all over my face!