Sunday, March 10, 2013

More new cards!

I have been busy despite my sore paws and a recent infection.  Creating pretty things is a great antidote when scary stuff happens.

I have also reopened my Etsy Shop at last!  Been wanting to do that for quite some time, but it is sooo time consuming to upload and describe every item in detail.  It is a work in progress, so stop by often!  You find me under the shop's name  "SigisCreations".

One card has already been tagged by somebody as a favorite, so I'll show it first.  It is a floral spring card featuring a stitched basket filled with pansies, my own handmade flowers.  Pansies don't look like much by themselves, yet one blossom consists of 8 pieces which all have to be cut out, shaped, assembled, and hand colored for a more realistic effect.  This is delicate work requiring the use of tweezers, and it takes a while to make just one little flower head, never mind an entire dozen to fill the basket...

Then I had just received a new Memory Box die called Grape wreath which I knew I'd use over and over again since I can embellish it any way I want.  So for starters I added leaves and my very own apple blossoms.  The result is a very dimensional floral spring card.  Let me know what you think, will you?

For additional cards, please see my Etsy shop.  Feedback is always welcome, and I hope you've enjoyed this short post.  Spring is in the air, despite our 8 foot high snow walls which are melting during the day and icing up at night.  I can't wait for the subtle yet intoxicating scent of apple blossoms!


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