Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!  I just finished this shadow box, which is entirely made with paper and some wooden sticks except for the little bit of moss on the ground. 

Summer is the busiest time for wildlife rehabilitators, so this little box will have to do for me.  Two starlings are already churring loudly again until I stuff their beaks, then they'll quiet down for about 20 minutes until the next feeding. 

  • A baby boy opossum, who arrived more dead than alive with a terrible chest cold five days ago, is finally on the mend. He was so weak that he could not stand up, he was just lying on his side.  Since he could not swallow due to shortness of breath without gagging, I had to give him tiny sips a little at a time to keep his stomach from shrinking too much.  Antibiotics finally helped heal his inflamed lungs, subcutaneous fluids kept him hydrated, and two nights ago he took his first bite of food.  I was elated! 

Then there are the two baby skunks, but I will write about them next time.  Too many beaks to stuff, too many animals to feed still, and those two little stinkers deserve their own story... 

I am standing by to go on a baby skunk hunt tonight.  Their mother had been trapped and "relocated" (i.e., killed) by some Pest Control guy who is now bound and determined to catch and kill the babies as well.  Their nest is underneath the shed of animal lovers who are trying to save them, and I told them to speak sternly with that guy and tell him that if he dares to trespass onto their property they will have him arrested.  I also suggested that they call police and have an officer get rid of that guy and tell police that a wildlife rehabilitator will take custody of the babies and raise them. 

More later.  I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!