Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting ready for the Gardner Sidewalk Days fair

Here are several other cards I worked on for the fair this coming weekend.  Each is a one-of-a-kind right now because I only made one each.  The first ones are twist-up cards, fun gifts to give.

The first card shows Chuckie again, but with a Joy Crafts die as background.  And I used all brambles only.

The second card shows two of the many bunnies that arrived so far.  Bunnies are tricky animals to raise, and mortality rate is high.

Here is Tubby, my logo squirrel.  His story is on my blog in last year's March and April section.

Here is Blackie, my first ever black squirrel girl.  She was released about a week ago together with seven other nest mates.  She is doing well, they all hang around and continue to get fed as long as they need it.

A pink design, here are two squirrel babies of different ages snuggled together.

 And here is Ginnie, my overwintering opossum girl.  She was also released a few weeks ago.  She was a sweetheart, not an aggressive bone in her body.

And here you see a pile of squirrels sound asleep.  It doesn't matter how big their space is, they like to pile on top of one another.

I also made a bunch of Christmas cards, 29 in all.  I used burlap as background and cut out the ornaments, which are Tim Holtz, with chipboard first, then cut out the front and embossed it before adhering it to the chipboard.  The sentiments are Cheery Lynn and Marianne designs.  I needed to cut them out, a stamp would not have looked good on such rustic cards.

I uploaded three cards to show that each one will be a little different from the others. The inside has a sentiment stamped on green card stock and a snow flake attached to it.  

And then, while I was waiting for the final feeding late at night, I kept myself busy with making flower balls.  

Everything you see here is available for purchase.  Please ask for pricing.  I won't upload onto Etsy until AFTER the fair.  

I hope to read your feedback soon!

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