Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will the calls ever stop?...

It is 9:45pm and I am awaiting two more baby squirrels tonight.  That will up my count to 17 baby squirrels.  The three cottontail babies are doing well, and today a fourth joined them, but this one is critically injured.  It got accidentally hit in the face by a weed whacker.  Please send prayers its way because it needs them!

One of tonight's squirrels has either a broken or bitten wrist, so I will be busy until who knows when.

One a more uppedy note, two baby squirrels that arrived this afternoon are doing well and one of them is a black squirrel!  I will upload a picture soon, this is my first black squirrel and I am tickled pink.

Time to try and feed the injured cottontail before the new charges arrive.

Update, 3:43am:  The severely injured cottontail baby did not make it through the night.

It is always sad to lose an animal, but in his case it was merciful.  At least he passed away warm and somewhat comfortable and safe.  Sometimes that is all I can do, ease an animal's suffering until the end.

The late night arrival baby girl squirrel has sucked down 12cc of rehydration solution already and still has no desire to pee.  She would not have survived the night but is doing pretty well.  I am still on the fence about her wrist, she does not react when I move it.  Because of that, I decided to put her in with the others, it will keep her warmer and make her feel safe.

I am exhausted, it's been a long and stressful day.  Time for a few hours of sleep...

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  1. Hi, Sigi~So sorry to hear about the baby cottontail but he was blessed to be with you in the end. I can't imagine how exhausted you must feel. Would love to come offer some support and company now that we are back from our trip. Anything you need, please let me know!