Monday, May 20, 2013

Video of baby woodchuck

I just uploaded a video of a baby woodchuck that arrived about two hours ago. The story is as follows:

Friday afternoon I got a call about a baby woodchuck that had been found by a woman walking her dog in a public park.  The baby approached her dog and tried to get under its belly to suckle.  The baby responded well to formula and is now quite feisty. 

Today I received a call from a friendly vet who treats wildlife:  he had people here who brought in a baby woodchuck that was very cold and lethargic.  It had been found in the same public park but had changed hands a few times.  They only brought it to him because they were afraid it might die.  They had been on YouTube and found videos about pet woodchucks and thought this would be a cool pet... 

I had to put out this video to counter all these cutsie videos of people feeding baby woodchucks and some even giving advice on how to capture a baby.  It makes me cringe to see that, why would anybody want to cause such pain and heartbreak for the mother? 

I don't know if I'll get this baby through, it has trouble with thermo-regulation because of the way it had been kept.  It also may well have pneumonia, I don't like the way it gasps when it tries to suckle.  I started treating it with antibiotics in hopes to save it.

A baby bunny arrived last evening that had been brought in by a very experienced killer cat.  Yet the owners of the cat don't seem to "get it" that cats kill when they're allowed outside, and this poor bunny fell victim to the cat.  I could not save it.  The woman who brought it was sad to hear the news but hopes that the picture I emailed her will show to the owners of the cat what their cat did to the bunny, and maybe, just maybe, its death will be a wake-up call for them. 

It's been a very tiring non-stop weekend.  I had to reorganize my rehab room with the help of my husband who put up shelving so I can stack more cages to accomodate all the animals.  The phone rang non-stop, and between all this work and feedings and treating newbies I have not had a lot of sleep. 

I neeeeeeed to find some time to craft, it is my anti-dote to stress! 

Update, 11:35pm EST:
The baby woodchuck is improving slightly.  She is nice and warm now and is starting to show interest in formula and suckles for short periods at a time.  Fingers crossed!

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