Thursday, May 16, 2013

Update on the seven cottontails

All seven little cottontail bunnies made it through the night, and after a typical non-drinking start I called Tufts Wildlife Clinic in Grafton, MA and asked if I could come down and have someone teach me tube feeding and hopefully get a tube until I can order some?  Okay, 2pm...

I observed how one was being tubed and then had to do it myself. All six went well, even the little runt.  Two hours ago I sat down and tubed all seven without any problems.  One more feeding to go at 1am. I hope you all are keeping your fingers crossed?

The sad part at Tufts was that they had gotten in a deathly ill black bear cub and had to euthanize it.  It was the size of a human baby, so heart breaking, poor little baby.  Hopefully a necropsy will shed light on the baby's illness.

I feel a lot let stressed out now that I know how to tube feed and have the equipment to get started.  Will have to jump online and order a supply of different size feeding tubes since eventually these will get chewed through.

I think I'll take a nap prior to the last feeding...

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