Friday, April 12, 2013

Mixed media: Babies, fabric, and card stock

Before I start, I want to say hello to my German visitors.
Hallo Deutschland!  Freut mich sehr, dass sie bei mir reingucken!

My baby rehab season has started, almost exactly on the same day as last year.  Not that I had a break, I overwintered several animals which meant daily feedings and cage cleanings.  Since last week Thursday I have been feeding again around the clock, three tiny gray squirrel babies,
and combating the almost inevitable diarrhea if they are the slightest bit sensitive to any formula change.  I almost lost the smallest boy, but two all-nighters and fluids every 30 minutes until he started to drink again did succeed in getting him through.  He's fine now.  They all are.

Cottontails continue to have their litters in the most impossible places, and nuthatches around our house loudly declare their territory and advertise for a female.  Our little koi pond is at last ice free.  Krokus and snow drops are in full bloom.

Well, all-nighters make for lots of time to craft, and when I was at JoAnn the other day to stock up on some card stock colors I walked around, just browsing.  Tiny fabric remnants gave me an idea, so I bought some burlap and a greenish fabric, then unearthed some fabric at home.

Take a look what I've come up with.

I made this card background with this olive green fabric for an eye catching background.   The image of the baby flying squirrel is from last year when I got this tiny thingie in.  He also had a boken wrist.

 Splinting that was a challenge, but I succeeded and he healed up just fine.  He is almost double the size in the picture, he weighed a whopping 8 grams when he first arrived.
The picture frame is frayed burlap.  The greeting is tied on with raffia.  I thought the material is perfect for a rustic nature card.

This second card was done a little differently in that I sewed around the edges before gluing the fabric onto the cardstock.

Hmm, I guess these cards could be labeled "mixed media"?  I like the textures.  Top is fabric with a card stock backing, the bottom is an EK Success border punch with a peachy-pink background.

What do you think of these cards?  I would really like your feedback, good AND bad!

Happy Friday, everybody!



  1. These are wonderful Sigi. Love the frayed burlap & that picture of the tiny baby. Sewing on cards is always a nice added touch. Yours is perfect & could be used for man occasions.
    Hugs, Janie

  2. Aw the bitty baby card is cute, and i like how you frayed the burlap too. Great job with the stitching and i think you did a fine job!!!

  3. Wonderful cards! Love the use of fabric! I really need to get into stitching on my cards, your's looks just wonderful!
    Such a sweet little baby squirrel! So glad that you are able to help out these little creatures!

  4. I will have to dig and find the picture where he still had a splint and you'll see how little he was, Jennifer. Thank you so much for your feedback! I know my sewing needs more practice, this was just a first attempt at trying out something different. That's what makes this hobby so much fun!
    Found the pics and will add them into the blog! This was my smallest splint job ever!

  5. I have the baby flying squirrel card! ;-) It is beautiful! Thanks, Sigi~

    1. The burlap cards seem to be favorites, will have to buckle down and make more. Thanks for the compliment, Kelly, so glad you like the card. Wasn't he the tiniest cutie?