Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day Cards with mixed media

Playing around with burlap and fabric is actually a lot of fun, and I decided to carry it over to a few Mother's Day cards.  These three are available for purchase in my Etsy Store, but I wanted to show them here as well.

Here is the first card.  I used frayed burlap on cardstock as a background.  The basket is hand woven from card stock, and the flowers are of course hand made.

I left the insides of these cards blank so they can also be used as birthday cards.

This second card features a solid burlap background adhered onto olive green cardstock.

And here is the third card.  Here I used fabric which I sewed onto matching green card stock.  The basket's color matches that of the card base.

The side views show how dimensional these cards are.

I hope you like my latest creations.  Things go a little slower now that I am feeding babies, and more will come anytime now.

Please remember that your purchase helps me help wildlife.  So far, I am already in the hole again with just one donation for five babies...  It costs me a minimum of $50 to raise one baby squirrel, but these little ones have already been more expensive in that I needed to buy Probiotics to help combat their diarrhea.  That adds $27 plus a bag of Lactated Ringers for $7 to the base cost.  These five will run me $250 to raise, donations received were $50.  A lousy start into a season with zero reserves to begin with...

Please help spread the word!


And as always, I invite and welcome your HONEST feedback!



  1. Wow, those are so very pretty, Sigi..I love those!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! I really like the texture with the dimensions, it adds a lot.