Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Season

I managed to take a few decent pictures of my baby gray squirrels and wanted to share some.  Many people have never seen a baby squirrel until they're old enough to leave the nest, but these little ones have several weeks to go for that.  The next few weeks they will grow from cute to super cute and then pushy to outright obnoxious.  When they're about 12 weeks old they are so pushy and jumpy that it's time for the outdoor cage where they can get it out of their system for another four weeks.  I release my youngsters when they're four months old.  Squirrel babies are like Velcro with razor-sharp claws and can really rake the skin.

This is one of my two older babies, brother and sister.  This is the girl, and she just opened her eyes a day ago.  You see how she wraps her "fingers" around my hand, holding on very tightly.  

Here is the brother of the twosome, and he opened his eyes three days ago.  That means the two are between 5-6 weeks old.  Quick learners, it took them all but two minutes to figure out how to suckle on the syringe's nipple.  It can take several feedings for babies to accept the different "feel".

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my baby season.



  1. Very, very cute. Yes, they can be obnoxious when they're adults.

  2. :) They have one thing in mind: find food and eat and bury their stash. Younsters are more playful but can be super aggressive when they want their formula. I've had them leap out of the cage door and hang off my face, claws buried in my temples, not fun, and all because they want their "bottle." They don't realize how dangerous their claws can be. But as pushy as they are at that age, they are nowhere old enough to make it on their own and will get killed if released that early. That is why I do not release them until they're 16 weeks old.

  3. Hi, Sigi! It was soooo nice meeting you and Earl yesterday. I am amazed at all that you do both with your animals and your paper crafts! I will be sharing your shop with everyone I know ;-)

    1. Kelly, I was so happy to meet you too! Visit anytime, okay?! I hope to meet your four-legged gang as well some day!