Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring cards with handmade flowers

 A gorgeous card, so far the only one I've made.  The flowers are assembled from several pieces, and the leaves also need shaping before they can be used.  Making forsythia branches is very time consuming but the effect is stunning.
A fresh and delicate any occasion card.
Again, I want to emphasize that all cards have a white insert stapled in with a non-mushy sentiment either stamped or glued centered on the right side, and all cards come complete with a handmade envelope.
 Lilac blossoms.  A very dimensional card, the blossoms have different hues just like their real counterparts do.  The only thing missing is the scent, and while I could scent the card I won't do that since someone might be allergic.
 Very delicate and fresh and light spring card, the yellow is a bit muted but still bright and sunny.  How gorgeous is this card?
 Another any occasion, year round card.  The red center is again a multi layered flower, the sentiment is gold embossed.
 This is NOT my original design, but I loved it so much that I had to adapt it with slight alterations.  This is a gorgeous butterfly double layered to emphasize the delicate details of the wings, and underneath the butterfly the background is in gold.
 Same butterfly card, different color theme.  Who would not love to receive such an elegant card?
 Cherry blossoms and butterfly, a happy card.
Two cards depicting different flowers and backgrounds.  The baskets are hand woven from paper strips, the flowers are three dimensional and completely hand made.
 Irises using the stained glass technique.  Much more beautiful in person than on this picture.  The colors are on the inside of the card so nothing will come off.  Completely hand painted, a very striking card.

Gorgeous, hand painted pansies using the stained glass technique.  Painted on the inside so nothing will  rub off.  A striking card that needed nothing else except the matting to make the image pop.
I loved using the stained glass technique although it can be quite tricky to do and takes forever to dry.  The image of this yellow flower head pops, the card is gorgeous.
This large tri-fold card went to a special friend as a gift.  The dogwood flowers consist of 15 pieces per flower, to give you an idea how involved making flowers can be.  I can make special order cards with certain animals as long as I have cared for them or have good pictures of them, and the greeting on the sign can also be customized.  This is a beautiful, highly dimensional card that gets a "Wow!" every time someone sees it.


  1. You do absolutely gorgeous work. All of the cards are so beautiful. I can see you spend many hours making them. I am also an animal lover. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Jan! I really enjoy creating beautiful cards, but now my baby season has begun and I'm feeding baby squirrels around the clock once again.

  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, 2 of your cards have been lifted and entered into a Uk craft magazine challenge. She's also lifted one from glittermonster, and from 4 other blogs on a different challenge. Good luck in getting them removed.

    1. I cannot thank you enough for writing to me about this theft. What a rotten thing to do! My traffic counter points out a visitor from Toledo, Ohio who looked at this particular entry on 21 March, so that must be the thief. Melissa 1986 is her name, and she stole the first and third card and submitted them in the challenge as her own design. I have found them and added my comments that these are stolen cards on both of them. Would you please tell me how you found out about this?
      It is one thing for someone to semi recreate a design they see on someone's blog, as long as they give credit to the original designer. But to steal it and put it in challenges as one's own is really a crime. Wow, there are some low people out there!