Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Information on my creations

For availability and pricing info, please contact me via email:  Sometimes a card may not be in inventory but I can make it, so please be a bit patient in that case.  If you order several cards I do recommend the small USPS flat rate boxes since they are sturdy and protect the contents.  I am not a commercial enterprise, I merely create these cards because I love creating beautiful things and in order to help offset my outrageous wildlife rehabilitation expenses.  Stores require a fairly hefty percentage which destroys my already ridiculously meager profit margin.

You can fairly safely assume that I have at most maybe five of a design, usually less, but I can always make more.  The stained glass technique takes about 3 days since I have to stamp and then hand paint the images which is very time consuming in that the ink needs to dry in between colors.  Then the final image has to dry at least overnight before I can start assembling the card.

Check back often as I add new designs all the time once I've come up with something new and made it and love it.  I don't upload or sell anything unless it's up to my standards.  I hail from Germany and that means it's either good or you won't see it.  My name goes on it and that means something.

Have fun browsing and feel free to ask questions.  I will try and check my email daily, but if I get bombed with wildlife babies that may be impossible, so please understand.  I will respond as soon as possible.

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