Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring 2012 Wildlife rehabilitation-themed handmade cards

This is Lucky, last year's first raccoon.  She had been washed down a storm drain after heavy thunderstorms and kind people fished her out of the water before she drowned.   She was quite vocal and hungry but adapted well and grew into a large, very playful animal who loved to drop onto my back from 8 feet above.
The card's backgound is hand embossed and hand colored, the layer underneath is border punched to add interest, and the dandelions are completely hand made.
All my cards have a white insert stapled in with a non-mushy sentiment either stamped or glued centered on the right side.  All my cards also come with a handmade envelope.
 Red squirrel baby orphan eagerly drinking formula.  At this age squirrels also consume solid foods and fresh produce, but formula is still the main staple of their diet.

I chose dandelions as one of the spring blossoms because, while they are hated in overly groomed urban lawns, they are absolutely gorgeous to look at when they set an entire meadow ablaze with gold.  They are also an important food source for a variety of wildlife.
 This gray squirrel baby survived a horrible fall from the eves of a three story high building head first onto a paved parking area.  He had suffered a concussion and was bleeding heavily from nose and mouth.  Immediate intervention not only saved his life, but he recovered fully and was eventually successfully released.  This picture depicts a milestone in his recovery in that he was able to chew on a branch for the first time without any pain.
The same little gray squirrel boy with a different design:  these are weeping cherry blossoms.
 Raccoon younster with apple blossom branch.  Just as apples have different flavors, so do apple blossoms have different hues.  
 Another raccoon baby with apple blossom branch, this time mostly white blossoms with pinkish centers.
Dandelion card with raccoon baby.  Please note that I can always make a card with a different animal as long as I've rehabilitated one and have decent pictures of the animal to use.


  1. Lovely cards! I especially enjoyed combining both card crafting with photography as they too are my great interests.
    I read your comment on Amazon and noticed you make your own glitter glue from ultra-fine glitter. Could you tell me your recipe? What kind of glue do you use and the ratio? Where do you find bottles with fine tips?

    Thanks, Barb

  2. Hi Barb!

    I like using these fine tip bottles, both of which are available at

    I hope those links work, if not, just search for Darice Needle-tip applicator bottles and the other one (which I use all the time for glue applications) pops up underneath.

    My favorite glue for mixing glitter is Scotch Scrapbooker's Glue, (it's sold in a two-way applicator bottle, 1.6 Fl oz) but don't buy that on Any Michael's store or Staples store has that in stock for around $6-7 a bottle. If you use the fine tip glue bottles the glue lasts forever.

    I put some glue in a glass dish and start mixing in the ultra fine glitter (look for Stampendous Crystal Multi glitter 0.18oz on ( as well or check out craft stores for Martha Stewart fine to ultra fine glitter -- you want crystal or clear, but avoid the ones that have too much green hues in them, they're awful when mixed). How much or how little is entirely up to your taste, but stir slowly to avoid too many bubbles. Then carefully fill into the bottles and close them up. Voila, done.

    I have a stash of the Ultrafine Tip glue applicator bottles. It's more expensive but has a stainless steel nozzle and stainless steel pin to close the hole. Should it clog, it's easy to open up with the needle, that's why I like it the most. But if you want a color range of glitter glue I recommend you buy the Darice since they come in multi packs and are much cheaper.

    Oh, another good source for craft supplies is Check their prices and shipping costs and choose the better deal.

    I hope you join my blog! I will be posting more stories soon as well as new cards and wall art. If the animals let me, that is, they're keeping me quite busy these days. I never know who's at the door or what the next phone call will bring.

    Hope this helps! Happy crafting!