Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring flower cardmaking challenge entry

Well, since that thief already posted two of my designs on the current spring flower cardmaking challenge on, I decided I should enter a few legitimate ones as well.  I expect the others to be taken down, of course.

Here are the cards I have entered.

But then I decided that I should add the cards that were stolen as well, so I did.

I think I made my point. It will be hard to dispute the rightful owner of these cards...   Of course it would be lovely to get an honorary mention, but this Melissa1986 may have ruined that for me.  

Happy Spring, everybody!

And while you may hate the snow and the cold, it does have a bright side:  it keeps people from cutting down trees on their property, leaving squirrels and their nests full of tiny babies in peace--for the time being...  
Please, always check for nests before taking down a tree!  If there is one, I beg you to be kind and not break a squirrel mother's heart.  Squirrels are devoted mothers and will fight for their babies if need be.  

How would you feel if someone destroyed your house and stole your children?  Animals have feelings just as strong as we do!


  1. Hi Sigi, That's the way to go. I think you have gotten your point across. Hope Melissa 1986 gets it thru her head you don't treat others this way. She is a rotten scoundrel. Keep up your beautiful work.

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