Friday, November 29, 2013

My most ambitious Christmas card yet

This card started out with the tree which I decorated last year but then got stuck and put it away.  Well, this year I stumbled over the container it was in and pulled it out and looked at it and suddenly knew what to do with it.  This is how I "design":  I see something in my mind, and then I try to make it come to life.  No drawings, no designing on paper, it's all in my head.

The card simply "happened", piece by piece.  All total I made five, each one a little different.  Don't ask how long it took to finish this card, I forget.  Just making the sill on top of the fireplace wall took a while because it needed to be dimensional.  The wreath consists of at least 40 pieces, the little gifts had to be made into boxes first before I could wrap them.  Putting the gold string around and tying a tiny bow is not easy to do!

It was a lot of fun putting these cards together.  If it wasn't I wouldn't do it.  I love challenges, I love making pretty things.

Then, of course, I realized that I needed gift boxes for these cards, so I made these simple matching boxes.

Happy crafting, everybody!

I always hope for your feedback, it lets me know that you are actually reading my blog, grin...



  1. Yes I read each of your blogs. Another great job. (:) Have a good weekend.

  2. Wonderful detail and how patient you are in adding all the different aspects!