Saturday, August 25, 2012

Die-Versions Heart Release

Darlene surprised me today with the release of my last assignment.  Well, I should have been ready to publish this, I just haven't had the time to post anything.  Seven skunks, two opossums, cottontail bunnies, a host of baby birds, and already the second batch of baby squirrels keep me hopping non-stop. 

But that's another story.  Need to describe and explain my creations here, so please bear with me!

Darlene sent me these intricate dies with a comment that these would be great for a wedding theme.  I took a deep breath when I read that, I have only been to one American wedding and that was eons ago.  Hailing from Germany, my own first wedding had been very small and frugal, so I had to do some serious research. 

American wedding cakes can be extremely elaborate, and don't ask me why, but that was the first thing that popped in my head: make a paper wedding cake.

To make this I cut out two same size cardboard circles and one larger one for the bottom piece.  Then I cut the side walls and scrored both sides about 1/2 inch in and then cut triangles to the score line to make the cardboard bend smoothly and to use the triangles as glue attachments.  Let it all dry and then decorated the cake with white and yellow paper. Then I added four die cuts of the Love All Around die equally spaced around the sides and one DVS 4x4 110 Heartthrop circle die on top.  .Then I cheated and used Perfect Pearls as embellishments, but they are a little more runny than I had wanted...

For fairness' sake I have to state that the topper is actually a large Martha Stewart punch.  I folded each punched shape in half and then started gluing it together making sure everything lines up perfectly.  How many or how few you use is up to you, but it should end up in a nice round shape.  I than added silver glitter glue. 

The bottom of the cake has paper cream dollops which I fashioned with a circle punch and then patiently glued  together.  These have about 20 folded circles per dollop.  After glueing them in place I glitter-glued them as well.  The large half-circle shape around the bottom of the cage is a deep edger from EK Success. 

I made another wedding cake after sending this one off to Darlene, more tiers this time.  And I used scalloped circles and a different die from Die-versions but from the same set.

Next up in the video is the shower invitation.  Everything I saw in the stores was white and formal looking, so I decided to add a little fun to the whole thing. 

I made the card first and then the envelope to fit with the MS Scoring Board.  The card's border is a MS punch around the corner set, the ring set comes from a Cricut cardtridge (Sweethearts, I think), and the stamp I found on clearance at Michaels a while back.  Card and envelope are color coordinated.  To add a little interest to the envelope I first cut out the die on the flap part and then reinserted it after gluing the contrast flap color in place.  Simple to do...


I chose to be more formal for the wedding card itself.  The border punch is very similar to the one I used on the cake and is also from EK success, and I laid out the card so front and back would look the same.  Then I draped some sheer veil material over the card and adhered it along the inside of front and back flaps, made some ribbon roses, and added a simple tag using corner rounders with color coordinated stamped greeting.  I then used a darker piece  of purple cardstock and punched out the starburst pattern.  Finishing the inside hides the glue strip for the fabric and gives the card a professional feel.  

For the final die I decided to make a treat bag.  I don't have any dies to cut one out, so I winged it.  Cut a loooong strip the width of the bag and the entire length plus flap and scored it where I wanted the bag to fold.  Then I punched out the flowers with a MS Punch all over the page punch and glued light paper behind that to accentuate the punch's design.  Next, I cut two strips about 1" wide and 2/3 the height of the bag and glued those into place alongside the bag.  To get the bag to close easily I creased the upper half of the side strip.  I glued on the Die-Versions circle die and added a handmade flower and Velcro dots to open and close the bag.  Put in two little candies, done. 

I hope these explanations help.  If not, I will try to make up examples step by step and post them as well.  Right now I have to stuff a hungry Cardinal baby's beak again and go clean cages downstairs again in preparation of dinner for the wildlife soon.  And then it's already time to feed the baby squirrels again!


  1. Well done, Sigi, and all of your creations are beautiful. The cake you show here is even more beautiful than the one you sent to Darlene. Even though you used a Martha Stewart heart punch for the topper to your cake, the Joy Craft heart die 6003/0005 that Darlene sells would work perfectly. It is very similar to that punch, and I believe Darlene just got some more in stock.

    1. I wasn't sure if I should even bring that up or not but wanted to be "politically correct", grin. The two cakes are totally different and if I were to make a third one it would be different again, but for now I am "caked out".

      I just returned (it is now well past midnight) from releasing a group of five young skunks, all siblings, that I raised. I also released my male opossum youngster. Bittersweet moments, but all animals were more than old enough and are perfectly capable to fend for themselves now. Plus all were sent on their way with full stomachs, so tonight it is mainly play and explore time for them. I am sure they'll be fine.

      Feeding time of the baby squireels now! My work day is far from over...

    2. Amazing cakes! It sounds like you stay busy!

  2. these are great Sigi! you do such a good job with everything.