Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012

Today is the anniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb onto Hiroshima, and to honor that date I made two cards with Japanese images.  Both use Cheery Lynn dies, the oval lace and lace frame dies, and I hand folded the cranes and the fan in typical Origami fashion.  For the Oval lace frame card I chose some of the favorite colors in Japan:  pink and light blue, reminiscent of Cherry Blossom season.  Last but not least, I added a koi card.  This, however, is not my original design:  I used a rough design by Cheery Lynn because I liked it so much and embellished it.

A little over a week ago I got a pin prick bite from a baby skunk I highly suspected to have rabies.  Even without the miniscule but potentially deadly bite I would have submitted the animal for euthanasia and testing since rabies destroys the brain and causes a painful death.  The poor animal needed to be put out of its misery. 
This happened on a Friday night, and the following Monday I had to go to the local hospital for my rabies booster shots.  They give those at the Special Procedures department, and this is also the department where chemotherapy patients are treated. 
I felt so grateful that all I needed were two booster shots whereas there is so much more serious illness happening within these walls that I wanted to do something nice.  So I decided to try making a mobile with butterflies and cranes.  I've never made anything like this before but had a lot of fun making it even though it was a frustrating challenge at times.  The slightest alteration shifted the weight and threw the entire mobile off balance, and it took quite a bit if tweaking here and adjusting there to finallly get it to look the way it does now. 
The final challenge will be to bring it to the hospital without it all getting hopelessly tangled up  Wish me luck! 
As for the baby skunk, it DID test positive for rabies, so taking it out of the population was the right thing to do. 

The butterflies are mostly intricate lace dies made by Cheery Lynn, and I also used one large butterfly die from Memory Box.  I cut out the intricate pattern dies twice to add the design on both sides of the butterfly's angel wing (the solid contrast color in the center).  I wanted the butterflies to be pretty and colorful no matter from what angle. 

I have sooooo much to write about and soooooooo little time right now, so please be patient!  July turned out to be the month of the skunks, and I now have seven in my rehab room. I am also getting dowsed with one bird after another, and tonight arrived yet another little Cottontail bunny after I just released my other one a few days ago...  And on 22 July my first newborn red squirrel baby arrived, round two has already begun!  That means around-the-clock feedings and very little sleep... 

More soon, I promise!

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