Sunday, May 11, 2014

Marianne Craftables release

Sadly, for the time being, this will be my final release for Dutchpapercrafts.  There is one other I had created before this release, but this one is special.

Doing this release took me a while because I wanted to go out with a Bang, wanted to do something different, yet had to showcase the dies of course as well.  I hope that I've done that, I hope that I have inspired my followers and viewers to some extent.  Crafting and creating new designs is, at least for me, a bit of a mini vacation from the Here and Now, a wonderful and non-toxic (altbeit a bit addictive, sigh!) stress relief and hobby, and I will not stop creating.  Who knows what the future brings, I might be a guest designer somewhere, or Darlene asks us to create something now and then, so you might want to stick around.  I will of course, continue to publish wildlife rehabilitation stories wich started this blog in the first place.

Since I had been creating carousel cards before, Darlene thought I might have fun with the Marianne carousel die CR 1236.  I sure did, the die cuts and embosses beautifully and offers three sizes plus three different hinges.  So without further ado, lets get going here.

Time Flies
 Here I worked with the Marianne Craftables die CR1234, clock.  This die offers two clocks, a large one with Roman numerals, and a smaller one with Arabic numerals.  This is the large clock.  I created a basic twist-up card and drew and cut the wings by hand before I embossed them.

The sentiment is framed with a Sizzix sizzlet frame, and the flowers are made with the Cutie fringe # B256.

Carousel fold-up card:  Grandma's knitting
Here I used the medium carousel die CR1236.  With a strip of clear acetate I offset grandma's rocking chair (Die Versions Whispers DVW-221) a bit away from the wall.  On the left wall you see the smaller clock of CR1234.  The knitting is lying on the floor because grandma dozed off, CR1235.

Garden planter 
I like to play around with dies, and I guess my followers know that by now.  When I examined the smallest die in the carousel set my first thought was to build a baby crib. But then I changed my mind and decided to make a planter for flowers instead.

 I used my own handmade flowers for this project and a punch from Punch Bunch as well as some leaves from a Cheery Lynn border die.  The dark brown paneling is embossed with a Cuttlebug Dots folder.  I distressed the edges of the carousel die to give it a more wooden look.

4th July Fireworks
This piece shows of the large die of CR136 beautifully.  But I had all these Cutie fringes to work with and finally had an epiphany.  The result is this piece.

I pieced the strips for the flag together on white card stock, then added the blue field with the stars.  I then traced the inside of the large die and hand cut the flag pieces to fit nicely into the die cuts.  The fireworks were created with Cutie Fringe B255, B257, and B258.  Several I cut out with white card stock and then added color with Copic markers to mimic the bursts of color when fireworks explode in the night sky.

While I have no idea when this release will published, with this card I wish you all a happy Fourth of July!

Teddy's Bedroom
Okay, this one is a bit over the top, but I hope you'll stick with me.  The dies used here are the large CR1236 for the flooring fringe and the crochet hook from CR1236 Knitting.  The top fringe is a Cheery Lynn Edger, Lady Kate, B278, very pretty.  The picture on the wall is a Martha Stewart punch.  The window is yet another Cheery Lynn die, FRM142, window B.  The walls are cut with Spellbinders Grand Labels One LF161.
The rest is, well, imagination...

The teddy is the tiniest bear I have ever crocheted.  He fits in the palm of your hand.  The bed spread, pillow, and chair cushion are all crocheted and knitted by yours truly.  I then had to crochet yet another little piece in pink to stick the crochet hook from the Marianne set in.

The bed and chair were made from scratch since I do not know of any dimensional dies that will make something like that.  I used parts of the medium carousel for the Head and foot board.

The card has the feel of a doll house room, and I had a lot of fun creating it.  I didn't glue the teddy, bed spread, pillow, and pink crochet down, so hopefully Darlene has put everything back in place before shooting the video.  The teddy can sit on his chair or even on the floor or stand, he is fully jointed.  I have not used any wire, I never do in any of my teddies.  Check out my Etsy store, the only difference is that the larger teddies come with one-of-a-kind outfits that are of course removable.
Closeup of the bed spread and pillow
Here Teddy enjoys his chair

Closeup of the dollhouse scene with the pink crochet and crochet hook.

Well, that is it for now, at least for releases through Dutchpapercrafts.  I had a ball working with Darlene and our fantastic team of design divas.  We learned from each other and hope that you learned from us, and maybe even a little from me?

Dies are tools that can take on a whole different life, depending on how you look at them.  I hope that I have inspired you to think outside the box, to use a die for more than just its obvious use, but mostly, to have fun with your collection.  As I continue to grow with this hobby I find myself buying dies I would not have chosen two years ago but now consider essential pieces to add to my collection.

One last thing I want to say, and nobody has asked me to say that:  you get the best prices at Dutchpapercrafts, as well as the lowest shipping costs.  I, too, shop around, because I can't afford to blow money, not with the wildlife rehabilitation work that I do year round and the many animals I need to feed every single day.  I don't just shop at Dutchpapercrafts out of loyalty, I shop there because shipping happens quickly and the everyday prices simply can't be beat.

I look forward to your feedback.  Thank you for reading my little blog which is an ever changing animal just like the wildlife that change my life every day.  Fangs and claws, paper and glue, the story continues...


  1. Hi Sigi, You never cease to amaze me. You items are so cute and as I have said before you are so creative. I am sorry to se you go from DP Crafts. I hope you continue to post your creations on your blog. I will look forward to seeing your creations in the future.

    1. It wasn't by choice, Jan, our entire team was dissolved, but maybe things will change again. Right now I am up to my eyebrows in baby wildlife again and have little time for my "stress buster" hobby. Check out my YouTube channel, you find me under my name Sigrid Warren, for little videos I haven't posted on the blog.
      Thank you so much for your comments, it makes my day to see that you like what my sometimes a little weird brain comes up with, lol. I am not going anywhere, and once I catch a breather I'll be back with new designs.

  2. Hi Sigi,
    Wauw girl you did a fabulous job with this release, i love it!!
    Hugs, your Dutchie. xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much, my little Dutchie! Once I made that little teddy I couldn't stop and now have a box full of them to make into cards eventually, if the baby boom ever stops, that is. Golly, 18 babies plus now a very young starling, and all the overwinterers still! But the bunnies will be released tomorrow at last, yaaaaaaayyyy!!!