Friday, April 11, 2014

My knitted Opossum...

When I searched in the craft stores for more chenille yarn I stumbled across a tiny ball of a thin specialty yarn with strands hanging loose instead.  It was a mottled gray.  The instant I saw it I thought "opossum!" and grabbed it.  Then I sat and thought about how to create an opossum, and once I had formed the idea in my mind I went to work.
This guy took over 5 days and nights to create, about 30 hours in total.  I wasn't sleeping much anyway, I was fighting a terrible battle with diarrhea in my tiny baby squirrels and didn't dare go to bed for fear of not waking up and giving them fluids and food on time.  So I kept my hands busy.  

Here is my opossum, and it looks so real that my husband took a step back when he saw it sitting on the table.  

When I posted these pictures on Facebook the response was overwhelming.  I must have fielded over 300 comments by now with well over 600 "likes", and the pictures are still being shared.  Of course my friends on FB are all animal lovers and/or wildlife rehabilitators, and several have asked me if they can buy one.  Sigh, when will I get back to paper crafting?  My hourly wage would probably be in the whopping 20 cent range, so I am not sure if I want to commit to this.  Creating has to remain fun for me.  

This opossum is not small.  It measures 11 inches from nose tip to butt and 16 inches nose tip to tail tip.  That is the size of a juvenile real life opossum.  

A friend decided that it can't be that nobody else makes opossums and started an in-depth internet search.  He came up with one 7" tall felted opossum sold on for $75 that is wired and wears a dress and a rather rudimentary knit pattern that sells for $4.95.  I knew that up front even without looking, I simply do not have any competition when it comes to my designs.  

While this is not paper craft, I hope you like my possie and look forward to your feedback.  



  1. Hi Sigi ! You are so talented. Your Opossum is so cute. I don't know how you did it without a pattern. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Hope you are having a good week. Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan! I have to admit that I very rarely work off any patterns except for the baby booties in my carousel card. Creating wildlife with yarn is a challenge but I am having fun with it. I just finished a second opossum and gave her two babies to look after... will post pictures later tonight.