Monday, June 10, 2013

My two little wood chuck girls at dinner time

Since they are too cute for words, I thought I share this little clip with you all.  Water melon is a favorite, with sweet potato being a close second.  The little girl which arrived more dead than alive is in front.  She has gained well over a pound since her arrival.  I can't really put her on the scale anymore, but I can feel her weight when I pick her up.  Her sister does not want to be handled anymore.

I hope you enjoy yet another glimpse into my rehab room!  Would love your comments!



  1. Sigi, these babies are soooooo adorable!!! Your little one looks like a whole new creature with all of your love and care ;-) I just shared your video and blog on my FB page...hope it brings you some new visitors! Sorry I didn't make it over last week but maybe tomorrow afternoon if that works for you? Let me know if it will and if there is anything I can bring you~

  2. Sigi this video is so adorable. You are a special person to care and love for all of these animals. Interesting that they both went for the watermelon first. Actually that would of been my first pick too! LOL!

  3. Great video. I could taste the watermelon. What do these guys eat in the winter? do they hibernate?