Saturday, May 5, 2012

A sampling of April and May 2012 card designs

 Darlene from Dutchpapercrafts gave me special permission to post the first two cards early:  this card can be used for either any occasion or as a Mother's Day card.  I left the inside intentionally blank for this reason.  It's from a release that dutchpapercrafts will put out any time now, and it highlights embossing folders.  Stay tuned for the entire release!
I am super proud of this card!  It is a gorgeous Mother's Day card, and again, it showcases one of the embossing folders dutchpapercrafts will feature in the release blog.  Darlene allowed me to post it early in hopes that I can generate some funds for my wildlife rehab expenses.  In this card, all the flowers are handmade as always, but the basket was made completely by hand, no dies were used.  I wanted something more rounded and had to come up with the design myself.  -  The Birdstore in Sturbridge has a few for sale, and I have maybe three or four here for immediate shipping.  Please inquire about pricing via email,

A different design with one of my many baby squirrels.  This little baby had fallen from the rotten ventilation shafts in the attic of a rundown three-level apartment building and crashed face first onto the paved parking area.   The baby suffered head trauma and abrasions and heavy bleeding from nose and mouth. Luckily it was found right away and brought to me, and this picture shows it gnawing on a fresh branch for the first time.  It was successfully released when it was old enough.
 This card features a geo die as a frame.  The picture shows a dark morph baby gray squirrel right after feeding.  The little stinker liked to blow bubbles into the syringe and create lots of foam towards the end of each feeding.
 This card was a special order from a friend for another rehabber friend who doesn't know about my blog as of yet, otherwise I would not have posted this picture.  She loves hydrangeas and rehabilitates quite a few raccoons, so I had to figure out how to make the flowers.  This is a very dimensional card that took forever to make since each tiny blossom had to be punched out, then shaped, and finally get hot-glued in place.  There are oodles of tiny flowers in these blossom balls, so this is not a card that can be whipped up last minute.  The picture shows Luke, my second baby raccoon, who arrived as a tiny frightened little baby but settled in rather quickly.  He and my "first born" (grin) Lucky (see her picture below) bonded immediately once his quarantine time was over.
Day lilies and daisies both bloom in June, and this is another special order card I made for yet another rehabber friend whose birthday is in June.  Again, I had to investigate how to make day lilies, and the result is nothing short of stunning.  This is Lucky, my first raccoon baby, smiling for the camera.  She was quite a character, bold, outgoing, and inquisitive, and I hope she is doing well out in the wild.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous Sigi! I love how you create the 3D flowers and make them pop! Stunning creations!


  2. Hi Sigi,
    Wauww what a great cards you made, i realy like them!!
    Love, Petra. xxx