Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here are pictures of my first design challenge for  The video Darlene created was a little off on the colors, these pictures give a better idea what I created. 

All cards are available for purchase, but during my busy season it will take a little longer for me to get them out since I have to make each card.  Any proceeds go towards my wildlife rehabilitation expenses.

For more info, please contact me via email,

This is a large card.  It can be used for any occasion, and the
sentiment can be customized to your specific needs.  This, by the way, is true of all my creations.
 Lilac swirls.  A very elegant and clean, large card in soft pastel colors.  The flowers are hand made, as are all flowers in my creations.
 Flower basket card.  I had to come up with ideas for a mega holly die and tried hard to stay away from a Christmas card (which then is the last card in this blog since Darlene wanted a Christmas card as well).  In this card I wove the basket and stained the paper with distress inks which gives it a very authentic feel.  The flowers are hand made.  The card is very dimensional and large.
 Another attempt at staying away from a Christmas card using the holly mega die.  Here I let the die do all the talking and offset it with different background papers.  Outside and inside sentiments are gold embossed for added elegance.
 I had been given a set of 5 nesting egg shaped dies and scratched my head trying to figure out what to do with them all.  So here I used one of them and cut a round hole into the center which shows a picture of two of my rehab babies from a few years ago.  These are two baby red squirrels of different ages.  When I flipped back the blanket for feeding, this is how I found the two cuddled together.  Luckily the camera was right there, because as soon as they felt the cold air they stirred and the magic moment was gone. 
The borders are decorated with wood flowers on top and pink dogwood blossoms on the bottom.  The background is embossed and stained with distress inks. 
 Here I incorporated all five nesting egg dies into one frame.  The idea of Easter eggs was just too boring for me, I wanted to use the dies differently.  These are two of several bunnies I got in last year.  The one on the left was found in the middle of a busy intersection running about in circles after it had been hit by a car.  The right eye was a bloody mess and I wasn't even sure if there still was an eye.  But luckily the baby did not lose its eyesight and recovered fully.  The dandelions are hand made and dimensional.
 An Easter card.  The basket is cut with a delicate die and I added the background by hand to give the basket depth.  The pansies are hand made.  The basket can be used for any purpose, and I plan to do exactly that.  Watch for it for Mother's Day cards...
Another Easter card.  I had to create something with a mini swirl and the lace egg, and rather than ending up having to make 20 cards I decided to put both into one design.  The flowers, again, are hand made.   The border is also cut with a die. 
Baby opossum and gray squirrel card.  This was a single baby opossum, and they don't do well when raised alone, they need company.  So I stuck the baby in with a litter of gray squirrels, and while the squirrels didn't mind it, the opossum absolutely LOVED the company.  When I tried to separate her a few weeks later she cried so hard that I had to put her back with the squirrels.  An odd litter, but eventually the opossum was old enough to start her solitary life a few weeks before I finally released her. 

And last but not least, the Christmas card...  The nestbox was created with an embossing folder and stained with distress ink and then I hand cut the shape.  The two gray squirrels are youngsters I raised from tiny babies.  The ornaments are delicate dies cut from gleaming gold card stock with a pearlescent background. 

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  1. Hi Sigi,
    I realy love your creations!! Congrates with your first release with Darlene!! Happy crafting!